DIY Picnic Table Plans

Jul 2nd

Picnic table plans – Picnic tables provide a place to sit outside. If you are looking for a great place to enjoy summer meals a picnic table makes a perfect choice.  Add five 60-inch planks on a stable work table. Place the quarter inch spacers between the slats. Check that the fins form a smooth rectangle and pinch with a clamp. Clip 2 of 4 cleats to 27 inches. From 2 inches from the top of the edge, trim the ends of the blocks at a 45 degree angle.

Place a cleat on each edge of the table 7 inches from the end. Cleat should have a 3/4-inch margin from the edge of the picnic table plans. Drill two screw holes in the cleat and mounting the cleat to the slats by screws. Make sure that you screw deep enough so that the screw heads reach the surface of the fins. Trim 40-inch boards to 39 inches by cutting 38 degree angle on each side. These boards will be the legs.

Clamp legs together at their centers. Adjust the clamp’s tension so that you can move the legs from a parallel position to make X. Fixed legs of the cleats with two bolts machine for each connection. Sand table and apply the finish that you choose. Allow the finish to dry before you use the picnic table plans.

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