Paint Unfinished Bar Stools Wood

Jun 7th

Unfinished bar stools – Firstly, establish umdropcloth to protect your surface. Use an orbital sander, sanding block, sand each bank thoroughly to remove any lacquer or varnish glossy finish or paint or stain. Start with lower grit sandpaper and end with the role of top grain. Remove all dust by wiping the stool with a chamois or damp cloth. Use your safety glasses.

Spray mask in two or three thin layers of primer. Wait each layer dry and lightly sand the stool before applying sanguine. Repeat coat on the bench or higher after turning it right side up. Spray on your color ink in a thin layer at unfinished bar stools, holding about 6 inches away from stools. Use brush of spray for better control and avoid foreclosures. Allow the first coat scar.

Apply additional thin layers using the same method until you are happy with the color. Viral stool and repeat to cover the other. Wait until the paint dry completely, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Using the same method as the spray paint, spray in the same polyacrylic sealer coat. Open the latex paint and stir it. Make a several thin layers for uniformed. Wait cover the paint dry completely before sealing unfinished bar stools. Brush on a uniform layer of polyurethane clear coat. Wait the coating dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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