Ikea Slatted Bed Base: Affordable Options

May 24th

IKEA slatted bed base – Great Idea!  Tunear Ikea furniture: original ideas with a slatted frame. The Ikea hacks  are becoming almost a competitive sport for fans yourselfers looking to hack on the Net …The latter idea comes from the hand of the basis for beds Ikea , the  mattress Sultan Lade , a structure of wooden slats very economical sold in the Swedish store.

Well, you do not need to use as a base mattress, as stated in the Ikea catalog to make the most of this small investment: see what you can do instead … If you go for a model latex it is necessary that you consider you’ll need to place it on a ikea slatted bed base wooden or a breathable base. Flip it every three months up and down and changes its orientation to maintain proper hygiene.

With bars or ikea slatted bed base you can make an accessory for hanging clothes, a magazine rack (hanging rod with blades horizontally you can hang open magazines in the middle), a service unit to place decorative plates or multiple organizer placing various objects (material or craft work, office, etc.). You can also use these bars to the backing of a bank or to make small safety barriers for certain areas or stairs. They will serve both long sides and short sides.

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