How To Paint Barnwood Furniture

Jul 2nd

How To Paint Barnwood Furniture – Using barnwood furniture in your living room can create an atmosphere of rustic antiques that can be enjoyed by you and your guests. Painted barnwood furniture available in furniture stores, estate sales or even ordered by an artist. These are expensive solutions, however. You can create a barnwood look for your old furniture in a matter of days, without the high price.

Sand down your barnwood furniture with the 50 – to 80-grit sandpaper in a circular motion. This will remove any paint, varnish or wood finishes. Sand the wood with a screwdriver to create deep marks and scratches on the wood surface. Keeping to the direction of the wood grain while creating more cracks with your screwdriver. Rougher your surface is better. Dints, flaws and deep scratches are characteristic of barnwood. Apply clear bonding primer on the entire surface of furniture with a big brush. Make sure that you work in a well ventilated area. Bonding Primer will follow the exact shape of the timber, including all the scratches and dints, while the wood is protected from swelling and water damage. Clearly perfect color choice for barnwood primer as it allows the natural color of the wood to be exposed. Let the primer dry overnight.

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Apply the desired color on the barnwood furniture surface with a dry brush painting technique in fast, wispy brush strokes. Make sure to leave wood exposed in some areas. Let the paint dry for four to five hours. Unravel the painted surface with a wire wool pad. At first, use a circular motion, then using wire wool pad to create oblong scratches in the direction of the wood grain. You may want to use the screwdriver to create a few more dints in color too. Apply two thin coats of clear polyurethane to the surface with a large brush. Wait overnight before applying the second layer.

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