Children Coir Mattress: Benefits

Jun 4th

Coir mattress – In the age of the child, the back muscles are still very soft. Constant sleeping on a soft mattress can lead to curvature of the spine and the early appearance of associated komplikaioner. Coir mattress impregnated with latex, meets all requirements of orthopedists. Dunne model does not crumble and will not change shape even after several years of use.

Coconut fiber contains a polymer lignin.Takket be the beginning mattress to rot or dry. The special features of this material are good ventilation and mattresses not Prêt and not absorb lust. The antibacterial properties of coconut provide protection for child immunsystem. Endelig has coir mattress well hygroscopic, it dries quickly and is not afraid of high humidity in room.

In the first year after the birth of your baby posture and immunity still are dinned. Doctors recommend putting in bed mattress increased rigidity made of hypoallergenic material. Stuffed should also be natural: cotton, Lin. If the mattress is removable and it will from time to time to wash it. Year after year, you can change the mattress on the model of medium hardhat. To save time and money, it is double-sided as coir mattress, and the other softer material. From birth to one year your baby sleeps on a firm surface, and after a year turned over the mattress.

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